Monday, June 13, 2011

Target: Spent $2.62 on $8.33 of merchandise!

Thanks to, I found a bunch of great sales at Target today!

Ghiradelli Luxe Milk Chocolate Bar 50% off clearance at $1.27 - $.75 MFR coupon
Ghiradelli Luxe Milk Chocolate Bar 50% off clearance at $1.27 - $.50 MFR coupon
Tic Tacs $1.09 - $.75 MFR coupon
Up & Up 24-ct Ibuprofen $.97 - $.50 printable coupon
Up & Up 24-ct Ibuprofen $.97 - $.50 printable coupon
Up & Up Pantiliners $.89 - $.75 printable coupon
Up & Up Pantiliners $.89 - $.75 printable coupon

My total was $8.33 after tax, but after coupons, I spent $3.11. Then, after my 10% employee discount, I got it all for $2.62!

The sale I was most excited about was the Ghiradelli chocolate... it expires in November, so it was 50% off on clearance today, plus I found a couple printable manufacterer's coupons (found at and a few other sites), which made it even cheaper! I like making little gift baskets for my friends' birthdays, so these are going in the next couple baskets I give out.

Walgreens: Spent $1.16 to get $9.20 of merchandise!

A lot of great sales at Walgreens this week!

Colgate 360 Surround Toothbrush $2.99 - $1 MFR coupon + $2 RR for next time!
Blistex RPM For Men Lip Balm $2 + $2 RR for next time!
Bayer Advanced Asprin 20ct $3 - $2 MFR coupon + $1 RR for next time!
Twix Bar $.69

I wanted to get the Wal-Fex allergy relief ($3.99 + $3.99 RR back), but the cashier said there was some sort of error on the manufacturer's part and the store only got 6 boxes in. Their rain checks are good for the sale price, but I wouldn't be able to get Register Rewards back, so I decided not to bother with it. I'll check back Thursday; that's when he said the next shipment will be in!

My total was $9.20, and after coupons and my Register Rewards from last week, I paid only $1.16. Plus, I can mail in the rebate form for the Bayer Advanced Asprin and get $1 back from Bayer as well!

I had to add the Twix bar, because in order to use my $5 register rewards from last week, I had to have four items. I should have grabbed one of the ten cent highlighters from the clearance section, but there were people in line behind me and I didn't want to hold up the line. Oh well... lesson learned! Now I know for next time.

CVS This Week: Good Deal on Zyrtec!

At CVS, I purchased 5-ct Zyrtec. Originally $6.99, but it was on sale this week for $5.99, plus you get $5.99 extracare bucks back. Not only that, but I found a printable Zyrtec coupon online for $2 off any Zyrtec! I walked out of the store with more ECB than I spent during the purchase!

I also grabbed a green bag tag to use. I bought a reusable bag at Target for $.99 that folds up into a small pouch; it fits perfectly into my purse! I am excited to earn ECB just by using my reusable bag, because I always have it with me and earning $1 for every 4 shopping trips is a pretty good deal.

For a great guide on how to get started shopping at CVS, check out Simply CVS; there are great guides and weekly posts about great (and oftentimes free) deals!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Walgreens: 65% savings this week!

1 set of Step Gel Insoles - Originally $12 - on clearance for $3.19
3 sets of Knee-Hi Tights - Originally $.79 each - On sale for 3 for $1
1 Gillette Fusion Power Razor - $9.89 - $4 manufacturer's coupon - $5.89 + 5 Register Rewards
Sobe Lifewater - $.99 + $.99 Register Rewards
- $2.00 Register Rewards from last week!

I am donating the razor and the tights to a local womens' shelter.

The total value of the purchase was $28.27, but after the coupons and sale prices, it was just $9.97. That's about 65% savings, plus I have $5.99 Register Rewards to use next time!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Target Make-Up Purchase: 78% Savings!

I got just over $11 of make-up for only $2.48 at Target today! Check it out:

NYC Showtime Mascara - $3.59
NYC Showtime Mascara - $3.59
NYC Eyeliner Pencil - $.94
NYC Ultra Last Lipstick - $1.72

So, my total was $11.04 with tax. I obviously had a few coupons for this purchase... I had two Target coupons for $1 off any NYC eye or lip products, which I printed directly from I also had another coupon for $5 off a $10 purchase of NYC products, which I clipped from All You magazine last month. And finally, since I work at Target, I got 10% off my purchase with my employee discount. Viola! My total was $2.48. That's savings of about 78%!

I am going to donate the two mascaras and the eyeliner to a local womens' shelter. My goal is to find more cheap make-up to donate to the shelter over the summer! I am going to keep the lipstick for myself as my little treat... the total was just a bit over what the lipstick would have cost on its own! :)